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    Yannick Kastien

    Default Germaneagle Virtual Airline

    Hello lovely VATSIM,

    I am the operating CEO of Germaneagle Virtual Airline. Please allow me to present you our little project we have been working on.

    GERMANEAGLE was founded in 2015. As we do not want to get into legal conflict with any real airline, our team decided to found our own airline. The thought behind this VA is, to get an occupational close impression and atmosphere, of how a real world airline is operating and administrating! Our principle is simple but serious. "We achieve europe" is our slogan, and exactly what we are standing for. Our flagship is our route network through the whole european continent.
    We are a german airline with european connections, and we asume e.g. JetBlue and Lufthansa in reality as our paragon.
    We operate all routes from our four main HUBs - Frankfurt, Munich, Dussledorf and Berlin-Tegel.
    Furthermore will we be an offical Partner of VATSIM, and of course of our home base country on VATSIM, the vACC Germany. Our fleet contains the Boeing B737-800 WL & the Airbus A320-200 NEO. At the moment we are limited to these two airplane types. With extensive demand for expansion of the fleet, we would add new airplanes in our fleet.
    You can fly over 350 routes across the european continent, there under 60 routes inside Germany.
    Every flight is operating daily, with the A320 or the B737 and you can decide. Each HUB is operating all destinations, and that daily as well!
    Whether you are a privat or commerical pilot or flying for your first time, Germaneagle has you covered.

    Generel Information

    IATA Code: GN
    ICAO Code: GEL
    Callsign: Germaneagle

    We do hire you with great pleasure aboard. Until then, we hope to see you in the virtual VATSIM skies.
    For further details, please consult our website:
    Yes, we do hire Staff!

    Thank you for reading this!

    Time for some photos...

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Yannick Kastien


    Update im 1. Post:

    Airline Status: OPEN

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