Nairobi Real OPS
- The first Real OPS event in eastern Africa! –

Saturday, May 17th
1500 – 2100 UTC
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi (HKJK),
Nairobi Wilson Airport (HKNW)
(General Aviation and Regional Jets)
Booking schedule:

VATSIM Central Africa proudly presents the biggest and most extensive event we ever had – the Real OPS at Nairobi! On May 17th, there will be a lot of real world flair around Nairobi with real world routes, airlines and aircrafts for Civil flights - jets & props - and Cargo flights as well. And we will arrange a huge ATC staffing in complete eastern Asia.

The Nairobi Real OPS event has a slot management, which means that you will be able to book a slot for an inbound or outbound flight combined with a departure or arriving time. We have over 250 real world flights READY for booking with real world airlines and aircrafts. Book YOUR flight today and join the first Real OBS event in eastern Africa!

Nairobi is the main aviation hub of Nairobi and inside central Africa equipped with a single runway system. There are civil, cargo, general aviation and military actions going on in the real world. International and domestic flights are based mainly at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport (HKJK). But there will be also bookable flights in and out of Nairobi Wilson (HKNW), a small General Aviation airport in west Nairobi. From Wilson you can do flights to bush airstrips with small general aviation equipment or local flights to bigger domestic airports. Before you book a flight to/from a bush airport, make sure the scenery is available for your simulator.

The control zone of Nairobi is the most complex one in central Africa. This is most important for all flights in and out Nairobi Wilson (HKNW). You don’t believe it? Have a look into the control zone map:

If you have no event slot (Virtual Airlines, General Aviation) or if you just want to come online and look around, you can login on apron 3 or stands 12 - 20 on apron 1.

Visit our booking webpage to book your slot now:
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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK):
Nairobi Wilson Airport (HKNW):
Nairobi Control Zone:

Charts for all domestic airports inside Kenya and other destinations inside Central Africa:

Enroute Charts:

Main Sceneries
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK):
FS9 Official scenery: (Great Payware)
FS X Official scenery: (Great Payware)
X-Plane Scenery: (or convert the great FS9 payware scenery above!)

Nairobi Wilson Airport (HKNW):
FS9 VFR Markers: (mandatory!)
FSX Official scenery:
X-Plane Official scenery: (including the VFR markers of the control zone)

Other interesting scenery links and kenyan domestic and bush airport sceneries will be linked on the top of the booking page soon!

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