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Andy Somerville (834139)
24.12.2012, 16:38
I have recently reinstalled VRC on my PC, using the latest sector file from the website. Today I noticed 2 differences from my previous version, and wondered if anyone can offer some assistance please.

1. Auto allocation of sqwks is no longer happening when I edit the flight strips. Is this correct or do I have a setting wrong?

2. The rwy centrelines are no longer available in the STAR menu in view options.

Maybe these are old chnages that I did not pick-up from my previous sector file...anyone with any assistance would be appreciated.


HP Rutschmann (853347)
25.12.2012, 07:31
Hi Andy

I'll reanimate VRC on my PC and have a look at it.
It seems to me that developments are rather going towards ES.
Would it be an option for you to swap, too?
Give me a hail and we'll do a short intro, if you want.

Andy Somerville (834139)
26.12.2012, 12:55
Thks for your response, hope you are having a nice Christmas.
You are right, everyone appears to be pushing ahead with ES and leaving VRC behind, at the moment I am happy to continue with VRC, but I imagine that once I have my new PC fully Ops etc, then I may swap over. Am in the same position with FS9 and SB3 against FSX and FSInn...It would appear to be best to make the change with the new PC, but I want to be able to continue controlling asap and cannot wait for the install and introduction/learning period etc lol

HP Rutschmann (853347)
27.12.2012, 11:20
Thanks, I do :)

First answer: There seems to be a fault in the .pof file generator. I've seen this before with Pascal D. in his GND Lesson, but haven't been able to track it down until now.

Obviously, the .pof file consists of several coloumns, separated by colons ":" .
Squawk Ranges are defined by coloumns 10 and 11. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a full specification for that file format, so I can't tell what's missing here; however:
If you fill up with colons until you've got the squawks in coloumns 10 and 11, it shoud work.
LSGG_TWR:Geneva Tower:118.700:GT:-:LSGG:TWR:::6716:6726

Second answer: Confirmed, I'll check why this is so.

Andy Somerville (834139)
27.12.2012, 15:20
Thanks HP
Will see if I can compare an old .pof against the new one and determine the format necessary.
Best regards and have a Happy New Year.

Mike Welten (971511)
28.12.2012, 19:18
Hi Andy
This issue is fixed with the new AIRAC (1213v1).
Best regards

Andy Somerville (834139)
29.12.2012, 12:02
Thanks Mike :)