View Full Version : VRC -> Euroscope: A training idea

HP Rutschmann (853347)
22.02.2012, 08:00
Just for curiosity: Would it be a good idea to organize a TS-Session for people wanting to change from VRC to Euroscope?
Participants (both sides), please announce here.
It might be an idea for Sunday afternoon March 5th.. (after the VA-Meeting)

Jonas Kuster (1158939)
22.02.2012, 18:29
Very good idea, HP!!! Since I use ES (last VA-Meeting), I never want go back. But the start with it needs some help. So I really like to share my knowledge in a TS-Session or at the VA-Meeting. This would probably be the best and easiest way for all to learn. I myself learn some new options and tricks again and again.

Mauro Gerber (1175094)
23.02.2012, 06:17
Bin dabei :-)

Felix Sieber (1131407)
23.02.2012, 07:19
Da man immer profitieren kann, bin auch ich gerne dabei.

Michael Kühne (1174044)
23.02.2012, 12:14
Helfe auch gerne

Andy Somerville (834139)
23.02.2012, 13:06
Sounds like a good idea :)