View Full Version : ES (r24) ATIS voice channel configuration change

Jonas Kuster (1158939)
21.04.2020, 19:22
Dear controllers

Please be aware that the latest beta release r24 of EuroScope has a bug regarding the ATIS configuration. You can only publish an ATIS when the frequency name of the ATIS frequency is equal to the station name. Refer also to https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/27012-es-beta-32124-atis-problems/.
At this time, we recommend not yet to upgrade and use ES 3.2 r23. When a stable built is provided, it will be announced via forum.
As a temporary fix, you may use the attached file to replace the one in the folder LSAS\Settings.

Kind regards

Leon Schulz (1454071)
21.04.2020, 19:45
Thanks a lot, was already wondering why that doesn't work

Ramon Balimann (1296313)
09.11.2020, 17:15
Hoi Jonas

Beim einrichten eines LFSB Setup fiel mir auf, dass dies für Basel nicht angepasst ist. Kannst du im angehängten File dies noch ändern analog der restlichen ATIS?

Danke und Gruess

Jonas Kuster (1158939)
09.11.2020, 20:06
The issue described in this thread has been resolved with AIRAC 2012.