View Full Version : ES Audio for Vatsim not working in Win10

Andy Somerville (834139)
04.04.2020, 10:30
Hi all

I recently changed from Win7 to Win10, and now my Audio for Vatsim will not run.

I get an "unhandled exception" error, and the COMM1 and 2 boxes are crossed thru.

If anyone has any ideas or advice it would be appreciated please. I am unable to understand how to upload screenshots of the errors etc, if that could be explained then I can upload the necessary screenshots as info.

Many thanks for any assistance.


Michael Kühne (1174044)
04.04.2020, 11:16
Maybe an issue with your antivirus? I have to disable the livescan of McAfee until AfV is started.

Andy Somerville (834139)
04.04.2020, 12:12
Thanks Michael
Thats exactly what is happening, disable it until I have connected and its fine. Then re-enable Livesafe and its still ok :)
Many thanks, can get back to controlling now :merci: