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Ky Do (1398392)
19.01.2020, 15:43

During the solo APP sessions in Geneva. I've encountered several aircraft without the full tag (only shows speed and altitude/level). I was unable to assume the tfc, the only option available was "correlate" which I assume has nothing to do with my position. I was quite frustrated as it makes me confused between the tfc inside my area of responsibility and those who weren't. When I use the flight strip (F6 Key), it shows the AC is "Unidentified". Did I miss something during the APP lesson? Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Mike Welten (971511)
20.01.2020, 10:52
Hello Ky

It looks like you are using the professional mode of Euroscope, which activates the correlation feature.

Go to the "General Settings", Page1 on the bottom: "Correlation Mode" and change it to Easy.
Then all aircrafts will be correlated without any action required from your side.


Jonas Kuster (1158939)
20.01.2020, 12:28
The Professional Mode of EuroScope is activated by default since the AIRAC 2001 release as announced in this forum. For correlation, a unique squawk code is required. As soon as the pilot has set such a code, the corresponding label will be shown with the option to assume the tag. You may use the correlation function to create the link between a target and a flight plan manually. For an uncorrelated traffic approaching your area, you may use the flight plan list to determine what flight this could be and to send him a "contact me" message.