VATEUD seeks a new vACC Support Manager to fill the current vacancy on that position. vACC Support is part of the VATEUD Training Department and offers support to any vACC of the division where required. The main task of vACC Support is to help newly formed vACCs to develop their initial organizational structure and attract new members despite of naturally limited resources.

• Oversee the development of small and unofficial (= not yet existing) vACCs as well as vACCs currently being under the VATEUD Open Skies program.
• Organize the deployment of resources, personnel and infrastructure from VATEUD to supported vACCs.
• Assist in training matters where necessary.
• Work closely with the Assistant Training Director (VATEUD 12)

• Must be 18 years of age or more and preferably possess a minimum of 24 months VATSIM membership
• A member in good standing within a VATEUD vACC, vACC staff experience would be a plus
• Good level of English, other European languages advantageous
• Expected to be able to commit approx. 3 hours per week to the tasks at hand.
• Experience in ATC training, preferably documented by the INS rating.

Please submit your applications to Stephan Boerner, VATEUD2 at adding Martin Bergin ( and Apostolos Damkalis ( as carbon copy recipients. All applications need to contain evidence of qualifications, CID, former vACC Staff positions held (if any) and why you believe you are the ideal candidate.

Closing date for all applications is Sunday 25th September 2011 2359z.