Hi all
As I promised here the newest news

Bookings Onlineday

Please book your station until 2230lcl as the online-day takes until 2230lcl! If you’re not able to make ATC until 2230lcl please retire from your booking or look out for a backup (e.g. if you have to leave at 2200lcl or earlier). It’s an annoying situation for a pilot who arrives at 2215lcl and TWR is already gone without a backup. It is possible GND can’t switch up on TWR if he does not have the allowance for TWR.
We provide ATC until the end of an event! Thank you.

Member Service Department

We are pleased to announce that the number of members and visitors is increasing! Invite your friends from other vACC to join us J


The event-mailing list has been established. Every Sunday you will receive a mail with upcoming events for this week. Controllers also receive a mail with a booking-overview for upcoming events for this week.

FreeZ-Scenery FSX prerelease

FreeZ has released a first FSX-Version. You can download it here: http://lszh.aviation-art.ch/index.ph...mid=57&lang=de


If you have any feedback relating to our vACC, please give us your feedback.
You can send it via staff [at] vacc [dot] ch or post it in the board.


Please have a look on the homepage regularly. New available documents will be announced there.

All for now!