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Thema: [FEB 08 | 12-22z] Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED

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    Standard [FEB 08 | 12-22z] Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED

    Dear pilots,

    Until few years ago, it was annual, popular, spectacular, huge and great fun! Then there was a natural break, until VATSIM Adria
    lifted the area. Now it is back and will be RE-WINDED after months of hard work and coordination with a dozen European vACCs.

    Some of you already know it, the last one being live with hundreds of flights the whole day. One every 3 minutes at an airport that
    normally handles one every 15 minutes at a contra flow runway. Some of you will get the chance to learn it for the first time ever.

    It's of course the Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush - RE-WINDED event with a lot of traffic to/from Sarajevo (LQSA) and
    12 interesting partner airports the entire 10h duration. Some are online the entire 10h event, some half time and many 3h:

    Full event duration partner airports:
    - 12-22z: Sofia (LBSF) 240 NM
    - 12-22z: Bucharest (LROP) 350 NM

    Medium duration partner airports:
    - 12-17z: Bratislava (LZIB) 280 NM
    - 17-22z: Kiev (UKBB) 660 NM

    Regular duration partner airports:
    - 12-15z: Tel Aviv (LLBG) 1080 NM
    - 13-16z: Rome (LIRF) 300 NM
    - 14-17z: Lisbon (LPPT) 1380 NM
    - 15-18z: Budapest (LHBP) 250 NM
    - 16-19z: Riga (EVRA) 840 NM
    - 17-20z: Warsaw (EPWA) 550 NM
    - 18-21z: Lviv (UKLL) 450 NM
    - 19-22z: Salzburg (LOWS) 330 NM

    Beside the partner airports, will the 2 Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics feeder airports, Zagreb (LDZA) and Belgrade (LYBE) as well
    as the 3 alternate airports, Dubrovnik (LDDU), Split (LDSP) and Mostar (LQMO) be opened if needed and covered by the CTR.

    So, in case you still don't know what to do this Saturday 08 FEB 12-22z - try with buying proviant and locking yourself at home,
    as if you were snowed in at the Sarajevo hills, and fly the whole day to/from Sarajevo and the 12 interesting event partner airports.

    For further event info, charts and sceneries, please go to: and thereafter mark this Saturday 08 FEB with
    a huge X, so we together can RE-WIND the Sarajevo '84 Winter Olympics Rush, making it one of the biggest rushes on VATSIM ever!

    Thank you on behalf of VATSIM Adria & Event Partners:
    BGvACC, ROvACC, vACC Slovakia, vACC Ukraine, VATIL, VATITA, Portugal vACC, VACCHUN, Latvia vACC, Polish vACC & VACC-Austria.

    VatAdria has requested ATC and Pilots for this event, if you have time please fly or control! Should be a fun Event

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