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Thema: [29 October 2017, 0500-2330z] Real Operating Hours - Geneva Edition 2017

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    Standard [29 October 2017, 0500-2330z] Real Operating Hours - Geneva Edition 2017

    Have you ever…
    … dreamed of ATC all day long?
    … wished to have controllers guiding you on early morning approaches while the sun is rising?
    … wanted to fly a four leg rotation with guaranteed service on your departure and arrival?
    … hoped to get a whole day of ATC as real as it gets?
    We make it happen again! After the successful launch in 2016, it's now time again to offer you Real Operating Hours. We will staff Geneva (LSGG) on 29th October 2017 from 0500-2330z.

    Complete your walk around in the dawn to be ready for a number of inter-europe rotations. Welcome your passengers on board and complete the boarding on time in order to not fall behind schedule on the very first leg. Enjoy the unusual long ILS approach for runway 23 over the Lake Geneva or vectors over mountainous terrain for runway 05, depending on the wind situation. As fog/mist is not unusual in the early morning hours at this time of the year, you might expect low visibility at ground levels. Even holdings might be assigned.

    After the first wave of IFR traffic has quieten down, it's time for the small VFR aircraft to start their Sunday trip. The Valais and Vaud Alps are waiting for you just at the other end of Lake Geneva. And if you can't stop admiring the beautiful mountainous Swiss landscape, make a stop for example at Gruyère, Lausanne, Sion or Saanen-Gstaad for a coffee or lunch. Also helicopter trips are recommendable in this region. On the way back, take a look at Castle Chillon near Montreux and follow the vineyards back towards Geneva.

    Enjoy a continous staffing on different positions and experience the Real Operating atmosphere. We look forward to you to liven the airport up on 29th October 2017 from 0500-2330z!

    Scenery & Charts
    LSGG - Geneva

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