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Thema: LOT Polish Airlines - Passangers opinion surveys

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    Standard LOT Polish Airlines - Passangers opinion surveys

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

    I would imagine this topic will be more of a flashback and have some interesting content for some people that are interested in Public Relation and Marketing Industries.

    So back in 2013 when LOT was flying their new Dreamliner around Europe for a training and advertisment purpose they been taking willing passangers to experience the comfort of flying the new aircraft in their fleet.After each flight each passanger had the opportunity to express their feelings by completeting a short survey and say wherever they were Satisfied and... Satisfied.Yes you have read it correctly according to the pictures taken by one of the lucky few that had the possibility to fly in an new aircraft in their fleet those are a ''legit'' pictures from onboard of the aircraft ''In Flight Entertainment'' system that ask for expression and opinions from its passangers but it will not give you the opportunity to say anything negative about it.

    Below I will post the pictures that are available to view on the ''Polish'' internet.

    Picture 1 - Start of the Survey
    Translation Polish to English
    Dear Passanger,

    We constantly aim to improve the quality of our service that we provide and that it meets your expectation.We have prepared a survey that will help us understand your needs.The survey consists 10 multiple choice questions, and it will only take a few minutes to complete.We would highly appriciate if you could complete this survey for us.
    As we could imagine nothing out of ordinary just a typical survey start explaining why is it important for them and why you should do it for them.

    Picture 2 - Question Unknown - Positive Attitude
    Translation Polish to English

    What was your impression of the interior of the B787?

    - Impressive
    - Delightful
    - Stunning
    Now as we can see the passangers had no chance to express their feelings if it was nothing out of ordinary or wherever they were not happy with the interior of the aircraft.It had to be an positive impression

    Picture 3 - Question Unknown - Positive Attitude
    Translation Polish to English

    How would you describe your experience from this flight?

    - Great
    - Expectional
    - Unforgettable

    Picture 4 - Question Unknown - Positive Attitude
    Translation Polish to English

    Are you planning to fly onboard our B787 once again?

    - Of Course
    - Absolutely
    - Certainly
    Of course there was a ''Thank You'' message at the end of the survay but it was really similar to the one from the start explaining how important ''opinion'' of their passangers is for them and how they are willing to expand and improve on the Customer Service on day-to-day basics.

    Once an Public Relation member from LOT Staff were asked about those questions she shortly answerd

    LOT Polish Airlines are constantly working to improve and expand their Customer Service and we are working to improve the poll of the questions that we have in the database of our In Flight Entertainment System so shortly there will be more questions available so that our customers can express their emotions/feelings and opinions about our flights.
    I will just add this is not the first and not the last time LOT Polish Airlines have used this tactic to ''boost'' their Reputation and Passanger opinion within the Polish Ranking system which all airlines are being evaluated on.

    What are your thoughts and opinions about this ''Customer Happy Politics''?


    *EDIT - I am unable to delete the graphic below which says ''Dziekuje'' at the end which is pretty much ''Thank You'' message at the end of the survey
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