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Thema: General Information regarding Visiting Controllers

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    Standard General Information regarding Visiting Controllers

    To all Visiting Controllers at vACC Switzerland:

    Temporarily, our training of Visiting Controllers is on hold due to our lengthy queue for training. Your application will therefore enter directly into our waiting list.
    We are evaluating this situation on a regular basis.

    General information
    vACC Switzerland has a limited capacity, but features numerous and very active members, consequently quite a lot of trainees as well. While we aim to provide training for Visiting Controllers in a timely manner, our own trainees take priority. As a result, when the waiting times become disproportionate, we will make use of waiting lists for prospective Visiting Controllers.

    In order to ensure a high level of service to all VATSIM members, vACC Switzerland provides compulsory training for Visiting Controllers before they are certified to control any ATC positions.
    Please note that our training capacities are limited, which may result in several weeks or months of waiting time for any lesson at any time.

    Application process
    To apply to become a Visiting Controller, please send an e-mail to, including the following information:

    • Full name
    • Vatsim CID
    • Permanent controller rating
    • Current home division/ARTCC/vACC/FIR
    • The name, job title and e-mail address of one Referee [1] from your home division/ARTCC/vACC/FIR
      • Either the ATC training director or division/ARTCC/vACC/FIR Leader/Director
      • You must have their permission to be used as a referee before submitting your application

    • A short letter of motivation, including
      • Why you want to become a Visiting Controller at vACC Switzerland
      • Your experience as a controller in any other division/ARTCC/vACC/FIR you are active
      • Etc.

    Please provide all of the above information as failure to do so will delay your application.

    When your application has been processed, our staff will contact you regarding the next steps to take.

    Currency requirement
    After training and successfully obtaining station approvals within vACC Switzerland a Visiting Controller is obligated to staff any approved ATC position at vACC Switzerland for at least two hours within 6 months. Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of all station approvals at vACC Switzerland and the termination of the Visiting Controller status.
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