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Thomas von Ah (1128754)
19.03.2019, 16:22
Sieht grafisch aus wie Navigraph Charts


Ramon Balimann (1296313)
19.03.2019, 19:37
Oh, coole Seite um nicht auf jeder Homepage alles zusammensuchen. Die LSZH Charts sind ja einfach unsere z.Bsp,

Alasdair Whyborn (1341821)
19.03.2019, 21:19
I guess it's nice that a lot of the European stuff is all in one place, but unfortunate that a lot of other areas (tried RJAA, YSSY, FACT, SAEZ, and SCEL for example) there is no data.

These countries often are more difficult when it comes to finding up to date charts in normal AIP formats so are the ones that benefit most of a single source...